How to Clean Mould and Mildew

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There are different kinds of mould out there. Some of which, like penicillin , which is so beneficial that it is has become a medical breakthrough. Other moulds are not quite so great for human health and it is important to keep any eye on susceptible areas of our homes so that we can eradicate it before it becomes a health issue.

Health Issues from Mould:

According to the Health Canada website, North American and European studies show a relationship between mould and damp conditions, and an increase in the following symptoms:

Eye, nose and throat irritation;

Coughing and phlegm build-up;

Wheezing and shortness of breath; and

Allergic reactions.

To avoid potential health problems, Health Canada recommends that you remove any mould that already exists, and take steps to minimize dampness in order to reduce the likelihood of future mould growth. Mould will often grow in dam conditions including condensation on surfaces like windowsills due to humidity, lack of ventilation or a low temperature. It can also grow from steam or excess shower moisture, cooking moisture, or water leaks. If the mold seems very serious and takes up a large area, then contact a local health authority for help.

Action steps:
Before you do any mould clean up, but on a mask, gloves and safety goggles so that you are not exposed to the spores. Definitely keep children and animals away from the mould and out of the room when you are cleaning. Prepare a bucket with some water and dish detergent, and a 2nd bucket just with clean water. Wipe the surface down with a rag dipped in the soapy water, and then sponge it dry with a clean rag. You can also mix a spray bottle with water and high concentration (29%) hydrogen peroxide and spray it onto the mold, and then wipe it off with a wet towel. To prevent mould build up, make sure there is good ventilation in any susceptible areas. For more on mould and mildew clean up, check out the link below to the Home Life website.

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