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No matter how much we desire it to be so, simple laundry detergent mingled with our clothes isn’t usually enough to keep our washing machine’s immaculately clean. Washing machines can often be coated in rust, stains or soap residue, which prevents clothes from being cleaned properly. Hard water build up is another problem that consistently afflicts home washing machines. The method for cleaning a washing machine may not seem clear. In fact, you may have never given it any thought before. Regina, a contributor to Apartment Therapy lifestyle website, has some easy tips for cleaning a washing machine. Her instructions don’t require any specialty equipment; rather, she uses four home cleaning products to help get the job done with ease.

The first thing to understand is that cleaning your washing machine won’t require constant scrubbing to remove residue. It’s mostly a hands-free job because your washer will do most of the work, as will your chosen cleaning products. Regina decided to use vinegar as a natural cleaning solution, rather than focussing on a chemical cleaner. The process of getting your washing machine into a glowing state once again is to fill it with a combination of water and vinegar, and allow it to sit so that the moisture and vinegar start cutting through the built on residue. Non toxic cleaners like vinegar are always good choices because it will sanitize and clean the surface, but isn’t harmful to consume. She does give bleach as an option, however, but that is only if that’s what you have on hand. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, because vinegar is something that most people have in the house already. Once the washer is cleaned, the vinegar smell should go away quickly, and so you won’t have to be concerned about it getting into your clothes the next time you have to do a load. If you want to clean your clothes soon after, though, you could add some essential oils to the vinegar water to help mask the smell.

One of the best tips Regina provides is to leave your washing machine open after cleaning clothes or the interior of the machine. Since a washing machine is often filled with water, we don’t tend to consider that water can damage the washing machine and shorten its lifespan. Since a washing machine is a large investment and you want it cleaning your clothes for a long time in the future, leaving the lid of the machine open between washes is an excellent choice. Leaving the machine open will allow the water residue to dry faster and prevent rust on the interior.

If you have never thought about cleaning your washing machine before, definitely take a look at Regina’s article. She identifies all the tools and cleaning supplies you will need to get your washing machine looking like new. These methods should work for cleaning front loader washing machines as well. Thank you to Regina, a contributor to the Apartment Therapy lifestyle website, for showing us her methods for cleaning a washing machine.

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