9 Weird Ways Windex Works Around the House

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If you remember the hilarious movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then learning these 9 weird ways Windex works around the house may not seem so strange to you. In that very funny movie, the father of the main character, Toula, carries Windex with him everywhere, using it to ease mosquito bites, cuts, and various other small ailments. This movie is very very funny and great family viewing.

Windex has some interesting properties that make it a great thing to have around the house, and for much more than just cleaning windows. It is a super cleaner if you want to make something shine. That should tell you as well what kinds of surfaces Windex works on best. So when you want metal to shine, or smooth non-absorbent surfaces to look their best, shoot them with a little Windex.

We spend a lot of our time cleaning and so any product that makes the job easier and faster as well as produces great results is something we want to know more about. Windex is one of those products that can work on wide range of cleaning challenges and work for you far beyond cleaning your windows. Windex does that well, of course, and better than any other cleaner, but you can get even more for your buck by finding out what other purposes your Windex can have around your home. Head over to the website, before you start the laundry, where you may find some surprising and weird ways that Windex words around the house. Windex will help you clean more than just glass and make your purchase of this product worth the money you pay for it. Check it out!

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