4 Dish Washing Tips for all Home Cooks

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It might not be vogue, but there are plenty of us who still wash all our dishes by hand. Maybe it was due to a childhood encounter with an evil dishwasher that turned us off. Who knows? Whatever reason you might have to wash your dishes by hand there are at least 4 dishwashing tips for all home cooks that will help you clean up faster and leave your dishes even cleaner.

First, dont let your dishes sit around so that food can dry and harden on the dishes. That includes pots and pans. Put extra food from your meal in to storage containers right away and put all dishes into water to soak. At the least, rinse off your dishes to remove and soften foods.

Next, when you wash the dishes, use the hottest water possible. Put on gloves to protect your hands and to allow you to get that water really hot. Nothing gets dishes cleaner, faster, or removes food, quicker, than super hot water.

Third, theres a good order to washing dishes by hand, too. Wash from the least dirty to the most greasy. That usually means to start with your glassware and move to plates and dishware and finally pots. You can wash your utensils right after the glassware. Be sure to not leave sharp knives hidden under the soapy water to avoid accidentally cutting yourself. Add knives individually and wash and set them in the dish rack where they are plainly visible.

Finally, if you have two sinks you can always pre-soak or allow hard to clean pots or pans to sit and soak while you wash the rest of the dishes first. The extra time sitting in hot water can make even the hardest cooked on food easier to remove. You can also add a bit of baking soda or other abrasive to help with the removal of tough food and grime.

There are plenty of ways to help make washing dishes by hand easy, safe and fast.

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