18 blow Your Mind Uses For Cornstarch

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We always have it in our kitchens, so why not find some more ways to use it? Here are 18 blow Your Mind Uses For Cornstarch! This is an ingredient pretty much all kitchens have, used primarily for baking or for sauces and thickening purposes, this starch derived from corn, is something we all have around, but know very little other uses for besides for cooking purposes. It seems as though you can use corn starch for a lot of the same things we use baking soda for actually! So you can rejoice that the corn starch you have in your cupboard has some more uses.

Similar uses corn starch has to baking soda, are that it can be a great odour reducer, just like baking soda, it can absorb odours, and to shine jewelry, as well as be a form of deodorant as baking soda is known to be. But corn starch can also do many other things, you can use it to have some fun and make some finger paints, just by adding boiling water and some food colouring! That way you have a great non toxic and allergen free paint to enjoy painting with!

Have an annoying squeak in your floor boards? Turns out that just a little light dusting of corn starch can fix that problem as well! Corn starch also works great as a dry shampoo! It helps to soak up the grease and oils that come from your scalp. You could also add some essential oils for a nice smell in your hair! But that's not even all of the 18 tips, there are even more that you can learn. What a great idea to make a list like this to help people learn some valuable life hacks that they can use in their everyday lives! Love it! Head over to 'Mental Scoop' by following the link in the section below for more of these great tips!

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